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The Guardian

Updated: May 12, 2021

We all know what a crazy year 2020 was, it seemed there was chaos and turmoil everywhere! The Guardian came to me on 2 levels. I was studying Isiah 11:6-9 which has the main focus on the relationship between animals and children. I am very inspired by the verses which started the process of the painting. But then another meaning emerged as I continued to work on the piece. Not only was I hearing about all the chaos but the revolting crime of human trafficking also came into the forefront especially where children are involved. This painting actually brought a bit of sadness to my soul as I completed it. It is the children who suffer the most when tragedy happens because they can’t comprehend or reason events as we eventually learn to do. The goat “kid” is being nestled and protected by the leopard who’s watchful eye assures that the kid can rest in it’s innocence, peaceful with no fear of it’s surroundings. If I had my way this would be how every child would feel. Where are all the Leopards?

This painting is quite large, 36"x36" (approx 1meter x 1 meter). I think it would look fantastic in a room filled with plants or with a jungle theme. If you have any questions about this piece please contact me at: and place "The Guardian" on the subject line.

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