My Fantasy World

As I mentioned on my “about” page, I began exploring my art abilities again by taking the darling little people in my life and creating a fantasy world where they were the leaders, providers, care givers! It was a fun adventure and really helped in the development of some of my lost skills, as well as help me to see where I needed to pay more attention.

I love the little ones I have been blessed with in this life, and if I had my way they would always remain small and innocent. I know that can’t be and it breaks my heart to know they have so many challenges and hardships yet to face, there is no escape. In my drawing endeavors I placed each of them into “The Kingdom” where they each had a role of power and control. It is a place of beauty and adventure, filled with wonderous things. They have the complete freedom to use the gifts they have been given and, of course, in my thinking they always used those gifts wisely. Only expressing kindness and gentleness toward all whose paths they cross.

I am actually still working on this project because not only are there 3 more grandchildren to add, but I may have to redo these as my skills improve. I would love to leave them with some sort of interesting and adventurous story as a part of my legacy!

If you are interested in any of these drawings I can make them available as prints or if you have a child that you would like to capture in a fantasy roll I also do commission work. Children have such amazing imaginations wouldn't it be cool to capture them living out that imagination on your (or for that matter, their) wall!? For inquiries you can contact me at