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A horse for every element!

Updated: May 12, 2021

It seems that somewhere in the world at any given time the elements (fire, water, air and earth) are moaning, groaning or dare I say even screaming out to get our attention! As an artist who loves to create work with horses, I decided to attempt to capture each element's actions through the expression of the horse.

“The Escape”

This painting, the first in the series represents Fire and is based on the fires I watched coming across the television that raged throughout our country in 2020. I have a brother-in-law and a nephew who are firefighters in California so I tend to pay particular attention to what is happening there and that state saw some of the worst fire danger areas in their recorded history. I watched in horror as people worked desperately with their neighbors to save their horses (and other animals) from the fire and ash that loomed large all around them. I was inspired at how valiantly the rescuers helped set these unsuspecting horses free to escape from an inevitable fiery end. The horses, understandably frightened by the panic they sensed in their handlers actions, ran for their lives. So many brave and selfless acts took place during those fires which in many ways proves that when situations are at their worst people often project their best!!

“Mixed Blessing”

This creation represents Water and is a continuation of my thoughts on the ongoing fire events of 2020 but with a twist, because while the rain was desperately needed to douse the raging fires in the U.S., Australia and a few other places, at the very same time in areas like India, Indonesia and Europe massive downpours and uncontrolable flooding raged through ill prepared towns and villages destroying homes and livelihoods in its wake. This painting was inspired because of the mixed blessing the rains and water often bring.

“Wind Runner”

I think if I were a horse one of my favorite elements would be air and the Wind that is created when conditions allow. I would love to be the horse I created in this painting. A beautiful creature fast and powerful galloping full speed while the wind tosses and tussles the dark yet still shining locks of a thick flowing mane. There is nothing like feeling of a gentle wind caressing the body or blowing through ones hair and If you ask me, there is no more amazing a site than to watch a horse in full motion bursting with life and energy!

"Blessed are the Meek”

This final painting is a bit different from the other paintings in the story it tells. I chose the title of this painting, which represents the element Earth, from the sermon on the mount where Jesus states “Blessed are the meek for they shall inherit the earth”-Matt. 5:5. The definition of spiritual meekness is: Power under control, a strong but gentle, reverent and humble spirit of selfless devotion to God and submission to His purposes. God created the horse to be powerful, yet at the same time they can be so gentle and submissive, which I think is the perfect manifestation of "spiritual meekness". I believe this is why horses have been cherished and revered for many, many centuries.

“In Conclusion”

I enjoyed creating each of these horses to represent the elements which have so much impact on our daily lives. The elements often dictate how we will spend our day, our week or even longer. They can bring great joy or utter devastation! I hope you've enjoyed reading about my interpretations. These paintings can be sold individually but I always saw them as a set. Either way I hope one or all inspire you in some way.

How have the elements affected you? I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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